House Hunting

I’ve been in Dublin for almost two weeks, so I wanted to give everyone an update on my progress.

Finding a place for us to live has been one of my biggest worries going into the move because there is a rental housing crisis in Dublin right now. I have read many blogs and internet message boards with words of warning to bring money to viewings and be prepared to explain why you are the best candidate for the landlord to choose, so I was really uncertain on how Geoff and I would fair against the competition given that we have three pets and are brand new to Ireland. Some of that stress was relieved because my company provided us with a relocation agent to help. The agent was really helpful in explaining some of the quirks of Irish homes and giving me some information on what to expect with utility prices. I met her for coffee, and we discussed what Geoff and I were looking for in a home. She provided me with a list, we picked our favorites, and viewings were set up for the following week. I video chatted with Geoff as I walked through the houses, so he could see more than the pictures online. We really liked both of the ones I viewed, but Geoff was sold by the small shed / workshop in the back garden of one of them.

Next hurdle: Will the landlady allow three (wonderful) pets?

We received a lot of input on the pet “situation” when it comes to renting in Ireland. Some people advised not to mention it at all while others said wait until it was a done deal. I really wanted to be upfront about it because our pets are a part of our family. I didn’t want to have to hide them or live in fear worrying that we could be found out. So, when we decided on which house we wanted to go for, I told the agent, “Okay, we want to go for Emor Street, IF they allow our pets.” I heard back pretty quickly that there was no problem with the pets, and she is happy to have them. Great!

Then we started to work on the contract. The first draft we received indicated no pets without a written notice from the landlord, so of course we asked for the written notice right away. When we provide a list of the pets’ names and ages. We were met with surprise. “Three pets?!” Apparently the fact that we had three pets was not properly conveyed to the landlady via our agent. The landlady was then rightfully irritated thinking that this was hidden intentionally (which was exactly what I wanted to avoid)! I explained our situation and apologized profusely that I never intended to withhold this information (adding in how great the pets are as much as possible). Thankfully, she agreed to allow the pets, and we’re moving forward with the lease!

Lesson Learned: Talk more with the owner of the home during the viewing. Deciding on a rental property is not only a decision about the home, it’s a relationship with the landlord or lady. Thankfully, in this case, the landlady was understanding about the situation. I hate that we have gotten off on the wrong foot, though. Please let me know if you have any advice on how we may be able to recoup any loss of trust with her. I’d love to hear any thoughts.

I am so excited for you all to see the home! Pictures to come once we get settled.