A Larger Living Room

The first thing most people ask me when I tell them I’m moving to Ireland is “Are your pets coming with you.

“Yes.” (This will be covered in a later post in more detail after the move)

The second thing people usually ask is “What are you most excited about?” The answer to that question is a bit more complicated.

Two years ago when Brittany and I bought our house in the suburbs, we were a bit tired of living in apartments in the city. “We can get a much larger and nicer house out in the suburbs for much cheaper” was the prevailing thought. Of course, two years have passed, and we realized that this enormous house isn’t at all what we wanted. We have so much space in our personal sanctuary that there are entire rooms of the house that have only been used a handful of times.

On top of having a house that was mostly empty and unused, I had almost tripled my commute, and any restaurants or pubs that we wanted to hang out in for the evening were quite far away (which, wanting to hang out in other places only exacerbated the “large house issue”, in that we were rarely in it).

We had begun to realize this last year and started to think of what our next move was going to be, since this wasn’t the lifestyle that we were looking for. So we started looking back to the city, although we weren’t sure of which one. We enjoyed living in Atlanta before, but after living in the suburbs we realized we wanted to be able to walk to at least most of the places that we would frequent. Atlanta is a great city, but it’s so spread out that there is almost no way out of using a car every day. We looked briefly at Seattle, but neither of us really wanted to start new jobs with an entirely new network of people. Then Brittany saw the opportunity in Dublin, and it seemed to fit perfectly with what we were looking for next.

We’ve gone through the “living in the suburbs” experience, with it’s large, quiet houses packed to the brim with anything one could ever need… and realized it wasn’t for us. The lifestyle that it encourages is one where any time not spent at work is spent at home, because look how nice, and big, and comfortable it is… why would you ever want to leave? Just come home directly after work. The large leather chair is practically begging to be sat in for the remainder of the evening. Never mind that nagging loneliness in the back of your mind, four hours of Netflix will fix that right up.

I think that’s the thing I’m most looking forward to. Leaving that lifestyle and trying something completely new.